Black Cherry OG (I)

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Ken’s OG x Grand Daddy Purple

This strain has closely guarded genetics, it is a cross between Ken’s OG an unknown Grand Daddy Purple strain. While the exact genetics were never released, the similarities in effects are striking. For example, all three can deliver an uplifting and full-body relaxing high that could be intense if one were to overindulge. Also, with some of the purple hues on its leaves and flowers, it is also possible that the other parent strain is Granddaddy Purple. Both Ken’s OG and Granddaddy Purple are mostly Indica strains. It follows too that structurally, Black Cherry OG is no different. The aromas and flavors are very closely tied with a sweet and spicy nose and a palate rich in sweet berry tea and blueberry spice.After just one hit you’ll feel all your pent-up tension release and you’ll relax deeply into your chair. You’ll begin to doze in and out, and on the comedown, you’ll fall completely asleep, which for many turns out to be the best night of sleep they can remember.

THC: 14.57% 

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