Chemodo Dragon (S) | Gram

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Chemdawg #4 x Gupta Kush

Chemodo Dragon strain is an uplifting sativa-dominant strain that has a super sour and citrusy chemical flavor with a heavy earthy aroma to match. Users describe the Chemodo Dragon high starts in the head with a lifted effect that quickly boosts the spirits, with an almost immediate onset of a euphoric creative head high. It is a great bud for any hybrid lover who appreciates a high-flying overtone and a smooth comedown. Chemodo Dragon’s effects are balanced, offering uplifting mental effects and invigorating energy that encourages physical activity. Chemodo Dragon’s lineage comes from crossing Chemdawg #4 x Gupta Kush, and those two great strains created sativa that is known for its heavy flavor and hard-hitting high.

THC: 23.37% 

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