Cloud 9 | Chocolate Bars – 100mg

Cloud 9 chocolate has been crafted from bean to chocolate in one of Belgium’s oldest cocoa roasteries and chocolateries, founded in 1911. Nurtured by the fascination for the scent of freshly roasted cocoa beans and the delicious taste of skillfully crafted chocolate. The classic taste is derived from the unique African cacao companies in Belgium source as an ingredient. West African cacao, the type Belgian chocolatiers use, is world famous for having a classic cocoa taste. This straightforward taste is the cornerstone of the chocolate.

When Cloud 9 Confections entered the edibles market, they observed an opportunity to provide the finest quality Belgian chocolate cannabis confections in the marketplace. This motivated them to take their 30 plus years of culinary expertise and their love for the highest quality chocolate to create the new Gold Standard of indulgence utilizing premier Belgian Chocolate. Cloud 9 Confections aims to craft an experience that delivers a higher level of indulgence.

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