Frosted Leaf Strain afghani

Colorado Chem (H)

50/50 Hybrid

Unknown Genetics

Coming in second for the Denver Cannabis Cup’s People’s Choice award in 2014, Colorado Chem is a state gem and for good reason. Though the parentage is kept secret, many believe that it is of Afghan, Thai, or US origins. With exceedingly high THC averages, Colorado Chem guarantees users a powerful high with long lasting and uplifting effects. It brings a 50/50 ratio so you can enjoy both a full body calm with a clear mind. This strain is best served when you can chill, as the deeply relaxing body high gives users a feeling of laziness with some even reporting a slight sedation. Dive into your own thoughts and pull out the artist in you, because your creative energies will be flowing. This bud gives you a long lasting high, daytime use is recommended.

THC: 30.13% 

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