Concentrate Supply Co. | High Terpene Sauce Cart – 500mg

500mg Distillate Sauce Vape Cartridge

This is no average cannabis extract. With cannabinoid purity ranging from 90% to as high as 96%, free of plant byproducts and cutting agents, flavored with cannabis derived terpenes in a variety of strains, this local Colorado extract sets the new standard for ultra-high-quality distillate. Activated products contain up to 12% more cannabinoids per gram than non activated products. These vape cartridges are all metal and glass, sturdy and made to last, can connect to any variable 510 thread battery (max voltage 4v).

***These Cartridges will need to be used on a medium – high heat setting push button battery. ┬áSingle heat setting draw only batteries are not compatible***

500mg at 90%-96% purity

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