Dark Desire (I) | Gram

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Unknown Genetics

Dark Desire has been bred to help introduce a dark purple to folks who have only seen pictures of dank purples and never knew the pleasures of a true purple weed. Dark Desire is a strain with unknown parentage due to a high level of breeder secrecy regarding its heritage. Even with the lack of information about its parentage, Dark Desire is a favorite of both breeders and patients alike thanks to its heavy high and sturdy breeding habits. Dark Desire is just that. DARK purple and majestic in its expression, This bud pulls you in from the onset of flowering to its full rich experience when smoking it. It is a delight to the eye. Offer it up to folks among a choice of others and by looks alone folks will want a taste to fulfill their dark desires of trying a true, deep purple weed. With its strong berry tones and a heavy hashiness to the taste, Dark Desire has a wonderful, rich flavor which is full of balance. Dark Desire high is perfect for when you want to kick back after a long and stressful day, with a relaxing overtone that calms the body and lifts the mind at the same time.

THC: 21%


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