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A term used in the cannabis industry to describe crystalline structures, primarily THCA. Diamonds range in size from very small to large chunks. Diamonds are becoming very popular because the concentrated psychoactive compounds yield such high potency levels. A diamond’s physical attributes are more a record of its path to crystallization than an indicator of how pure the diamond is. When THCA diamonds are vaporized through a dab rig, e-rig, or vaporizer, THCA decarboxylates into the active THC, which in turn binds with receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system to produce an intoxicating effect. Exotic, based in the city of Denver, brings you the highest quality Cannabis with the most exotic strains around. After two years of building their brand and obtaining many strains, they decided in 2018 to open Exotic VSOP Cannabis, a premiere 28,000 sq ft, 700 light cultivation facility in Colorado selling only the best exclusive, exotic strains.

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