Frosted Leaf Strain afghani

Gorilla Bruce (H)

50/50 Hybrid

Gorilla Glue x Bruce Banner 

If you are a new smoker, take this one slowly, as its side effects can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the high — or even if you are! This strain is an exact hybrid with equal parts indica and sativa. This means that it’s a perfect balance of an energetic, excitable high and a calming, mellow high. The effects of this strain are most evident and linger mostly in the head, but it may also provide body relaxation that makes it an appropriate daytime bud for some. The taste of the strain is a pungent citrus, and compared to the strain’s smell, it’s taste is considerably earthier and less sweet. Expect this strain to increase in popularity thanks to its high THC concentrations.

THC: 22.36%


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