VERITAS – Grape OZ (I)

Indica Dominant Hybrid 

Grape Kush x Silver Haze 

ALLEVIATE – Tranquil | Unwinding | Dreamy

Hand grown, harvested, trimmed, and packaged in Denver CO by Veritas Fine Cannabis. Grape OZ is a heavily indica dominant hybrid strain created as a cross between the powerful Grape Kush and Silver Haze strains. Grape OZ has a creeping head high that you probably will not notice until it reaches its peak, at which you will feel extremely uplifted and euphoric. This feeling has gentle waves of utter pain-free bliss that slowly flow into a state of sleepy sedation. Upon the comedown, you may find yourself falling peacefully into a deep and pain-free sleep that lasts for hours on end. Newer users may want to tread carefully with this bud while more experienced players will no doubt love the high THC that comes along with Grape OZ.

THC: 26.49%



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