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Mai Tai (S) | $ 20 Eighth

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Tutti Frutti x Maui Wowie

This strain has a high that is very relaxing and yet functional, patients would typically choose this strain to start the day. The parents are Tutti Frutti and Maui Wowie, it has a delicious blend of effects and flavors for both indica and sativa lovers. This hybrid is very frosty compared to most strains. It also carries a unique aroma of cherries and orange peels. This bud has a sweet tangy cherry flavor with a sharp citrus exhale. Mai Tai buds have super dense and chunky light minty green nugs with a very frosty coating of bright white crystal trichomes. In fact, the word ‘Mai Tai’ actually translates to ‘very good’ in the Tahitian language.

THC: 18.51%


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