PAX | HTE Pods – 500mg

High Terpene Extract (HTE) is one of the highest quality cannabis concentrates on the market, made from live resin material. With nothing added or reintroduced, HTE is created by allowing the THCA to crystallize and separate from the terpene fraction. The resulting product is a potent, highly flavorful product that creates a euphoric experience. The HTE Pods, for PAX Era, have a distinct terpene profile as a result of a fresh frozen extraction process. This creates amazing aroma and flavor to better enhance your experience. The pods come in strain specific varieties including: Panama Punch, Kosher Kush and more.

Comes in various High Terpene Extract flavors – 500mg

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Sleek and Small Design: Most of the pod fits into the stick, taking up less space in your pocket.

Square is Sturdy: Square pod design reduces the kind of breakage elongated cartridges can be susceptible to in your pocket.

Leakage Protection System: Includes system to prevent leakage of oil in cases of environmental stress.

Nickle Alloy Heating Coil: Chosen from a large variety of materials tested during development to produce the best vapor production.

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