VERITAS – Strawberry Shortcake (I)

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Juliet x Strawberry Diesel

ALLEVIATE – Tranquil | Unwinding | Dreamy

Hand grown, harvested, trimmed, and packaged in Denver CO by Veritas Fine Cannabis. Strawberry Shortcake is a sativa dominant strain of Juliet, crossed with a Strawberry Diesel. You can expect funky candy flavors and aromas with fuel and strawberries coming from the Strawberry Diesel male. Strawberry Shortcake doesn’t just offer a wonderful blend of flavor notes, with a THC content, this strain makes for a very powerful smoke.  Given that it is a sativa dominant hybrid, the effect is more social, uplifting, and cerebral, which makes it an ideal daytime smoke that will jumpstart your day and boost your creativity.

THC: 24.39%


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