Super Silver Diesel | $20 Eighth

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Sour Diesel x Super Silver Haze

The Super Silver Diesel is a potent sativa. This strain is a great day-time high, keeping you focused, energized, and euphoric throughout anything the day throws at you. The flavor starts with a slight citrus hint but is quickly overrun with a diesel taste that leaves you wanting more.

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THC: 28.79%

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1 review for Super Silver Diesel | $20 Eighth

  1. 5 out of 5


    Sour Diesel has long been one of my favorite strains due to the energizing cerebral effects it quickly delivers upon use. Super Silver Diesel is no exception, it harbors the greatest qualities of it’s strong sativa dominant lineage passed down from both it’s Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze parents. The combined lineage of these two powerful sativa strains delivers an exceptionally energizing and uplifting cerebral high without overwhelming you, leaving you with a well rounded happy, uplifted, and energized head-high that softly fades away, lulling you down into a calming and relaxing body high; making it a perfect answer to a stressful day or a strong contender for a relaxing night. As for the flavor, you can clearly taste it’s diesel lineage; however with the addition of Super Silver Haze into the mix, the gassy flavor of Sour Diesel is wonderfully complimented by a slight hint of citrus without sacrificing the strong flavor it’s diesel parent is known for. I’d highly recommend this strain for those who find pure sour diesel’s taste slightly too strong or “gassy”; or for diesel lovers out there who want a slight flavor twist of a beloved classic Sour Diesel.

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