AiroPro | Live Flower Cartridges – 500mg

Airo Pro Batteries

Lightweight, all metal pen boasts a host of innovative features to enhance the user experience. When drawing it there is an affirming vibration indicator, along with pass-through micro-USB charging (usable even when charging) and a full charge Lithium ion battery will last the whole day. Now option to choose case or no case.

Airo Pro Cartridges

Live Flower – Cartridges are full-spectrum distillate infused with terpenes extracted from live plants! This purity allows for crafting a unique aroma, flavor and experience profile into each cartridge. The flower is not cured or flash-frozen, but rather immediately vapor-distilled to extract the live-terpenes. No fillers/cutting agents; 100% cannabis! These are offered as a rotating selection of strains grown by Verde Naturals.

AiroPro’s Advanced Vapor System pen provides a smooth, easy draw that vibrates to let you know it’s working. The magnetic, leak-resistant ceramic cartridges pop on and off for easy use. Utilizing a magnetic base for a quick connection, these cartridges are made to work with the Airo Pro system and the new Airo Pod system as well.

THC: 70%-90%


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