CRx | Live Budder – 1G

Concentrate Remedies 

A type of premier concentrate that is favored by many marijuana consumers for possessing a creamy consistency, high potency, and a robust terpene profile. Every Concentrate Remedies extract is crafted entirely in-house using starting materials from our cultivation partners at Natty Rems. We have a comprehensive knowledge of our products that go beyond extraction and into the cultivation facility where our starting materials originate from, and this knowledge allows us to make incredible budders that you are sure to love.

Our job as extractors is merely to capture what nature has itself already created in cannabis. Rather than deconstructing and distilling the plant’s essence until it is unrecognizable, we concentrate on natural one-pass extractions which extract all of the terpenoids, flavonoids, and cannabinoids as they originally existed. We like to think of our live resin as a snapshot of a plant on the day of harvest, a moment in time that will never exist again in exactly that way.

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