CRx | Live Diamonds – 1G

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While this type of live cannabis concentrate has nothing to do with fine jewelry or gems, diamonds are the gem of concentrates in terms of potency. Live diamonds are becoming very popular in the Denver area because the concentrated psychoactive compounds yield such high potency levels. Concentrate Remedies has a line of quality THCA crystalline products for purchase that are sure to fly off the shelves.

Our job as extractors is merely to capture what nature has itself already created in cannabis. Rather than deconstructing and distilling the plant’s essence until it is unrecognizable, we concentrate on natural one-pass extractions which extract all of the terpenoids, flavonoids, and cannabinoids as they originally existed. We like to think of our live resin as a snapshot of a plant on the day of harvest, a moment in time that will never exist again in exactly that way.

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