Glueball (I) | $20 B-Bud Eighth

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Gorilla Glue x Snow Ball

Glueball is a good solution for feeling relaxed without being completely incapacitated. Users describe the Glueball high as very mellow and pleasant, with an almost immediate onset of a euphoric creative head high that leaves you uplifted and happy. This is followed by a fall into a deep state of utter relaxation and slight sedation without loss of functionality. Glueball’s effects are fairly balanced, offering effective invigoration and satisfying relaxation. As you break apart each dense little nugget, aromas of creamy fuel and sour pungent chemicals are released, intensifying with a citrusy effect as they are burned away. The flavor is very similar, with a sour citrus overtone that’s accented by a creamy exhale packed full of savory diesel. Users report a euphoric burst of cerebral energy while the body sinks into a state of moderate sedation. It is best to use Glueball during the evening, as it does have relaxing properties.

THC: 24.99%


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