Harmony Extracts | Pax Pod Live Sauce – 500mg

PAX Pod now Comes in Harmony Live Nectar™ Strains – 500mg

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Sleek and Small Design: Most of the pod fits into the stick, taking up less space in your pocket.

Square is Sturdy: Square pod design reduces the kind of breakage elongated cartridges can be susceptible to in your pocket.

Leakage Protection System: Includes system to prevent leakage of oil in cases of environmental stress.

Nickle Alloy Heating Coil: Chosen from a large variety of materials tested during development to produce the best vapor production.

Harmony Live Nectar™ is a revolutionary product in the hydrocarbon extraction world. Our ground-breaking process separates the terpenes and THC-A crystals, producing a “Nectar™” that has the potency of a distillate with the flavor of a live extract. It’s the best of both worlds, without sacrificing one for the other.

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