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Lemon OG Haze (S)

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Lemon OG x Haze

Users flock to this strain not only for its name and wonderful effects, but also for the strain’s well-known pleasant aroma and smooth flavors. The smell is quite strong, and consists of lemony, earthy, and with a tangy herbal effect that is released as the nugs are broken apart and burned. The flavor is an incredibly smooth blast of lemony earth and spicy herbs which can leave a wonderful aftertaste. If the physical aspects of this flower were not enough to get your attention already, the effects will certainly bring you in. The Lemon OG Haze high is just as mouthwatering as the flavor, with cerebral effects that are perfect for days when you need a little extra energy. It hits you first with a rush of energetic euphoria that leaves you feeling motivated and focused with a sense of purpose. This state is relaxing even with the almost frantic energy you are experiencing thanks to a light body high that leaves your body in a state of calm. This OG child is the perfect bud for any user who loves good sativa with a bright and eye-opening flavor.

THC: 23.93

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