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Memberberry (H) | Gram

Sativa Dominan Hybrid

Skunkberry x Mandarin Sunset

Despite this strain’s Sativa-dominance, users might be surprised that the cerebral lift is happy and euphoric, without being overly stimulating. It starts with a euphoric boost that will make you happy. In this euphoria, you become very relaxed. As the high progresses, a light touch of physical relaxation will keep you anchored while your mind flies higher and higher, easing away aches and pains while soothing sore muscles. Users have reported the onset of the high feeling like a shot of euphoria to the brain, sending your mood through the stratosphere. This bud has a fruity and sweet berry flavor with a lightly skunky lemon-lime exhale. These buds produce an incredibly sweet aroma that will lure from across the room. The aroma is of sharp sour orange with notes of lemon-lime and a pungent skunky overtone. You should be able to focus on anything in front of you not long after taking a few hits, as distractions fade away to the background.

THC: 29.13% 


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